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Top 5 Best Laravel CMS Solutions for Web Development of 2024


In the quest for the best Laravel CMS Solutions for web development, Aegona has explored various options such as October CMS, Statamic, Nova, Voyager, and AsgardCMS. Each solution has its strengths and advantages, so how do you choose the most suitable Laravel CMS?

In this article, Aegona highlights the top 5 Laravel CMS solutions developed by leading experts worldwide.

What is Laravel CMS?

Laravel CMS (Content Management System) is a content management system built on the Laravel framework, one of the most popular PHP web frameworks following the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern.

Laravel stands out due to its superior features, including:

  • Utilization of Design Patterns
  • Application of the latest PHP technologies
  • Easy to access and use
What is Laravel CMS

Advantages of Designing Websites with Laravel

Top 5 Best Laravel CMS for Web Development

Finding the right Laravel CMS can be challenging. With our curated list of 5 names, we believe you will find an effective web development tool using Laravel. Additionally, don't hesitate to seek assistance from a professional Laravel website development company in Vietnam like Aegona for advice and support.

1. October CMS

October CMS is a must-mention when discussing Laravel CMS. This open-source platform boasts a rich library of plugins that support building anything from simple blogs to complex e-commerce websites.


  • Content Management System: User-friendly interface allowing even non-technical users to create, edit, and publish content easily.
  • Plugin Extensibility: Extensive plugin library enhances October CMS’s capabilities, from integrating e-commerce features and payment gateways to optimizing SEO.
  • Theme Variety: Choose from many pre-built templates or create unique designs to match your brand identity.
  • Multilingual Support: Reach a global audience by managing and displaying content in multiple languages.
  • Security and Scalability: Built-in security and scalability benefits for seamless upgrades and expansions.

Top websites Using October CMS in the world: Abya, OpenWeather, Bible Project, 2pass Clinic.

Whether you're looking for a simple personal blog tool or a feature-rich e-commerce web development platform, October CMS is your best choice.

Abya - Top websites Using October CMS in the world

Abya - Top websites Using October CMS in the world

2. Statamic

Statamic is another notable name in the Laravel CMS development field. Its flat-file architecture offers flexible content modeling, making it ideal for developers seeking maximum customization and control.


  • Flat-File Architecture: Complete control over content structure and organization, perfect for custom website designs.
  • Flexible Content Modeling: Ensures content management aligns perfectly with project needs.
  • Developer-Friendly Tools: Utilize various development tools and APIs to integrate into the Laravel workflow.
  • Community Development: Benefit from an active community contributing regular updates and expansions.
  • Headless Capabilities: Decouple content from presentation for maximum flexibility and the potential to create multi-channel experiences.

Statamic goes beyond a conventional content management system, being highly regarded by developers for its flexibility and as an excellent platform for building custom web applications.

Top business using Statamic in the world: Commercetools, 23M, BYOL, Allisrael, E football hub, 1902 Studio

3. Nova

Nova, Laravel's official admin panel, differs from traditional CMS platforms. It allows you to build custom admin interfaces tailored to specific project needs, simplifying content management and enhancing user experience for your administrators.


  • Diverse Data Management: Manage various data types, including custom models, user data, and real-time analytics.
  • Custom Field Definitions: Precisely define form fields and validation rules to ensure data integrity and accurate data entry.
  • Custom Actions and Filters: Create custom actions to automate key tasks and provide advanced filtering capabilities for administrators.
  • Custom Tools and Lenses: Extend Nova’s functionality with custom tools and lenses tailored to your workflow.
  • Resource Relationships: Visualize and manage complex relationships between different data models in your web application.

Nova is ideal for managing an entire data ecosystem within a website, perfect for projects with unique data needs and complex workflows.

Top websites Using Laravel Nova in the world: Car & Classic, DreamBox Learning, PDMFC, Complete Tuition Ltd, QuoteVelocity, Interaction Design Foundation.

Top websites Using Laravel Nova in the world

Top websites Using Laravel Nova in the world

4. Voyager

Voyager is a great choice for beginners in Laravel web programming. Voyager includes a built-in admin panel equipped with essential features such as:


  • Built-in CRUD: Easily manage content with built-in create, read, update, and delete functions.
  • WYSIWYG Editor: Build engaging content with a user-friendly visual editor, eliminating complex code and ensuring consistent formatting.
  • Drag-and-Drop Menu: Create navigation structures with a drag-and-drop menu builder, optimizing user experience.
  • Media Management: Upload, organize, and manage images, videos, and other media assets within the platform.
  • Breadcrumbs and Permissions: Implement user permissions and navigation tools for secure and efficient content management.

Top Agencies using Voyager in the world: Destinations HD, Pinnacle Trips, TRIO Travel Company, TripBoutiq, On Track Travel, Manstravel

Top Agencies using Voyager in the world

Top Agencies using Voyager in the world

5. AsgardCMS

AsgardCMS is an excellent choice for developing multilingual web applications. This solution integrates with Laravel, supporting websites and applications catering to diverse users across languages. Whether building a global brand website or a multilingual news site, AsgardCMS is an excellent choice for localized content.


  • Easy Content Localization: Translate content with intuitive tools and integrated translation workflows.
  • Multilingual SEO and URLs: Manage SEO for each language version, ensuring effective ranking across different regions.
  • Multilingual Menus and Navigation: Create language-specific menus and navigation structures.
  • Language Switcher: Allow users to switch between language versions with a user-friendly language switcher.
  • Localization Management: Manage translated content, track progress, and collaborate with translators.

AsgardCMS surpasses traditional CMS platforms by focusing on multilingual web development. Its integrated localization tools, SEO management, and user-friendly features help you reach global traffic. If your project requires multilingual content management, AsgardCMS is your go-to solution for building successful Laravel web applications.

Building Websites with Laravel

Aegona – Laravel CMS Web Design Company

Aegona is one of the best web design companies in Vietnam, specializing in providing end-to-end Laravel CMS custom web design development for businesses and individuals. With a team of experienced Laravel developers and deep expertise in Laravel, Aegona is committed to delivering perfect Laravel web development projects to meet all your business needs and goals.

Why Choose Aegona for Laravel Web Development?

  • Rich Experience: Aegona boasts a team of experienced Laravel developers who have successfully completed numerous Laravel CMS website projects for domestic and international clients.
  • High Expertise: Aegona deeply understands the Laravel framework and popular Laravel CMS, ensuring your website is built building websites for business efficiently and optimally.and operated efficiently and optimally.
  • Creative Design: Aegona always updates the latest Laravel web design trends, providing you with beautiful, attractive, and impressive Laravel CMS websites.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Aegona offers a complete Laravel website design and development services, including consulting, design, programming, implementation, and maintenance, saving you time and costs.
  • Dedicated Support: Aegona is always ready to support clients, answering all questions and issues related to your CMS Laravel website.

Aegona's Laravel CMS Web Design Services Include:

  • Consultation: Aegona will advise you on choosing the most suitable CMS Laravel Flatform for your business needs and goals.
  • Interface Design: Aegona will design a beautiful, attractive, and impressive Laravel CMS website interface, matching your brand identity.
  • Website Programming: Aegona will program the Laravel CMS website according to your requirements, ensuring smooth and efficient website operation.
  • Website Deployment: Aegona will deploy the CMS website to hosting and guide you on using the website.
  • Website Maintenance: Aegona provides regular website maintenance services, ensuring your website always operates stably and updates with the latest features.

Contact Aegona today for free consultation on Laravel CMS website development on demand service!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: Office: (+84) 28 7109 2939. Hotline: (+84) 91 451 8869 | (+84) 83 940 5469
WhatsApp: (+84) 91 451 8869 
Address: Orbital Building (QTSC Building 9), Quang Trung Software City, District 12, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

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