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Event: AWS for Software Companies Day - Unleash AWS Cloud's Potential


Aegona, a leading player in the tech industry, has recently participated in the highly anticipated event, "AWS for Software Companies Day," showcasing its profound knowledge and understanding of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the latest industry trends. The event, aimed at software developers in Ho Chi Minh City, provided a unique opportunity for participants to explore the dynamic realm of modern application development.


  1. Unlocking the World of AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud, the powerhouse behind the world's largest software companies, took center stage at the event. Aegona invited attendees to join them on a journey through the intricacies of modern application development, with a focus on key topics such as event-driven architectures, modern data strategies, SaaS migrations, and crucial aspects like security, data, and observability.


  1. Immersive Learning Sessions about AWS

Prefaced by an informative session titled "Migrate to Modernize with AWS." Renowned speaker Matt Allcoat, Head of Migrations and Modernization Solutions Architecture for the Asia-Pacific region at AWS, delved into the significance of scaling application migrations to AWS and emphasized the importance of unlocking modern architecture rapidly.

Subsequent sessions covered various aspects, including building event-driven applications on AWS, the importance of observability in modern applications, and comprehensive insights into modern data architectures. Speakers experts in their respective fields, provided valuable insights and practical knowledge.


AWS for Software Companies Day - Navigating Modern App Development with AWS Cloud


  1. Modern Data Architectures, Security with AWS.

Following a networking lunch, the afternoon sessions delved into modern data architectures, comprehensive security practices, and SaaS migration strategies. Each session, led by AWS Solutions Architects, equipped attendees with the latest tools and strategies needed to navigate the evolving digital landscape securely and efficiently.


  1. SaaS Migration Strategies.

Cloud is a key enabler for modern, scalable SaaS architectures. In this session we explore the nuances of SaaS-centri migration techniques, capturing the essence of modern cloud advantages. Embrace these insights to modernize, enhance, and elevate SaaS solutions for users, delivering unparalleled user experiences in today's digital age.


  1. Elevating the AWS JourneyAWS for Software Companies Day - Navigating Modern App Development with AWS Cloud

The event concluded with a session titled "Elevate Your AWS Journey," offering ISVs a comprehensive overview of learning pathways tailored to their needs. Aegona's team of experts, including Tran Ton, Vu Anh Pham, and Su Trinh, provided guidance on achieving AWS certification and enhancing expertise in the AWS ecosystem.


  1. Seize the Opportunity for Continuous Learning

Aegona's participation in "AWS for Software Companies Day" underscores its commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Software developers in Ho Chi Minh City were presented with a valuable chance to sharpen their expertise and stay ahead of industry trends.


  1. Don't Miss Out on Future Opportunities

For those who missed this event, Aegona encourages you to stay tuned for future opportunities. Embrace the journey of continuous learning with Aegona and unlock the potential of modern application development powered by AWS.



  1. Embark on Your Software Development Journey with Aegona on AWS Cloud

If you're considering developing software on the comprehensive cloud solution of Amazon Cloud Services (AWS), don't hesitate to reach out to us at Aegona for in-depth consultation and the best pricing.

  1. We Provide Comprehensive Software Development Solutions

We take pride in being specialists in providing end-to-end software development solutions with a dedicated team focused entirely on your project. Here are the key services we offer:


  • Custom Software Development: Utilize the expertise of our team to develop unique software that precisely meets your requirements.
  • Web Development: Build powerful and interactive web applications on the AWS platform to optimize user experience.
  • Mobile App Development: Develop high-performance cross-platform mobile applications seamlessly integrated with AWS services.
  • System Integration: Strongly and efficiently integrate different systems to create a collaborative and effective working environment.
  • Offshore Development Team: Leverage the benefits of our offshore development team to save costs while ensuring quality and performance.


Embark on Your Software Development Journey with Aegona on AWS Cloud


  1. Passionate and Experienced Team of Experts

At Aegona, we have a team of passionate and experienced experts in the field of software development on AWS. We are committed to delivering the optimal solution and elevating your project to new heights.

In addition to our core competency in software development on AWS, we also provide DevOps Services and IT Help Desk Support.

  1. Contact Us Today

Don't let the opportunity to develop your project slip away. Contact Aegona today for in-depth consultation and the best pricing. We will accompany you on the journey to success on the AWS Cloud platform.

AWS for Software Companies Day

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