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Pros and Cons of Flutter App Development


Flutter, an open-source software development toolkit, empowers developers to create mobile applications that work seamlessly across various platforms. It allows for the construction of top-notch, compiled apps for both iOS and Android without the need to write separate codebases for each platform. A single codebase suffices for building high-quality applications for both operating systems.


This article aims to introduce Flutter to application development and provide an overview of what Flutter is, along with a discussion of its pros and cons.

  1. What is Flutter?

In the era when Objective C/Swift and Java/Kotlin were the primary languages for mobile development, the process of app creation incurred significant expenses. Developers had to create two distinct apps, essentially duplicating their efforts.

To address this challenge, various frameworks emerged, facilitating the development of hybrid (or cross-platform) apps using HTML5 and Javascript. Among these cross-platform toolkits, including PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native, Flutter swiftly gained traction, captivating developers, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and users.


Flutter stands out as a versatile UI toolkit, enabling the construction of apps that closely resemble native ones across mobile, web, and desktop—all from a unified codebase. Powered by the Dart programming language, it incorporates Material Design and Cupertino widgets, empowering Flutter developers to craft visually stunning UIs that provide a native look and feel. Remarkably, the UI behaves intuitively on any platform, despite utilizing a single codebase.


What sets Flutter apart is its mobile SDK, offering a responsive style without relying on a Javascript bridge. This unique feature elevates its performance to a level that competes with its counterpart and direct competitor, React Native. Additionally, Flutter seamlessly integrates with various platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Google Fuchsia applications.

  1. What is Flutter used for?

Flutter is a top-notch solution for app development on both Android and iOS platforms, eliminating the need to write separate codebases for each. The resulting smartphone apps function as genuine, native applications on Apple and Android devices, compiled specifically for each platform prior to release. They do not require a runtime module or browser, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience.


Moreover, utilizing the same codebase, developers can effortlessly create web apps for browsers and native applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This versatility and code reusability significantly contribute to the appeal and efficiency of Flutter as a development framework.


Notably, major industry players like Google utilize Flutter for integral modules of the Google Assistant and the user interface of the Google Home hub. Likewise, prominent e-commerce service providers such as eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba Group opt for Flutter to maintain a consistent and cohesive look across their mobile and web applications.


  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Flutter App Development

Every programming language or framework comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages. However, in the case of Flutter, its advantages often outweigh its drawbacks. Let's learn about this issue with Aegona a Flutter app development company.

3.1. Pros of Flutter app development:

  • One Codebase for All Platforms: Flutter's code reusability allows for a single codebase to be used across various platforms, including Android, iOS, web, and desktop. This results in significant time and cost savings, accelerating the app development process.

  • "It's All Widgets" Principle: Flutter's custom widgets offer a wide array of possibilities for creating visually appealing app interfaces. Developers can focus on crafting engaging UI without worrying about inconsistent appearances on different devices.

  • Rich Libraries: Flutter leverages the Skia Graphics Library, a robust open-source graphics library that ensures fast and efficient UI rendering, contributing to quick-loading and smooth app experiences.

  • Fast Testing with Hot Reload: The hot reload feature in Flutter accelerates app development by enabling real-time code changes without the need for a complete app reload. This facilitates quick experimentation, bug fixing, and iteration during development.



3.2. Cons of Flutter app development:

  • Large File Size due to Widgets: Flutter apps tend to have larger file sizes due to the inclusion of widgets, making them relatively "heavy" and potentially leading to longer download or update times.

  • Complex Updating: Updating programming requirements necessitates updating Flutter modules, which are integrated as fixed elements within the program. This process involves recompilation and reinstallation of the program on devices, adding complexity to updates.

  • Limited Set of Tools and Libraries: As a relatively new development framework, Flutter may have a limited set of tools and libraries compared to more established frameworks. Certain desired functions may not be readily available in the current library, and the framework is evolving, requiring time to expand functionality and grow the community.


While Flutter's disadvantages are noted, they are not typically deal-breakers and are outweighed by the advantages it offers in terms of development efficiency, UI flexibility, and code reusability across multiple platforms.

  1. Aegona - Experienced in app development on Flutter

Aegona is a Vietnam-based software development company and expertise in Flutter app development. We specialize in building cross-platform applications using Flutter, a popular open-source UI software development toolkit created by Google. 

Our experience in Flutter app development includes but is not limited to:




  • Cross-Platform App Development: Aegona leverages Flutter's capabilities to create applications that run seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, providing a consistent user experience.

  • Custom App Development: We develop custom Flutter applications tailored to meet specific business requirements and objectives.

  • UI/UX Design: Aegona focuses on creating intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces using Flutter's flexible and customizable UI components.

  • Integration and API Services: We integrate various APIs and services within Flutter apps to enhance functionality and provide a comprehensive user experience.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Aegona ensures the reliability and performance of Flutter apps through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes.

  • Maintenance and Support: They provide ongoing maintenance and support services to keep Flutter applications up-to-date, secure, and optimized.


If your business needs to build up offshore developers, then Vietnam can become a worthy destination, and Aegona - Flutter app development company in Vietnam will become an excellent partner for your business. Always happy to assist you. Contact and email [email protected] or come to visit our office to meet the remote team to understand more about our service related to app development on Flutter.


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